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Smokers Outside the Aldi Doors

Many years when I listened to Radio 1 (I don’t anymore, it seems so foreign to me now) I fell in love with a band called The Editors, I even got to see them live. And up until recently I forgot they existed, but they have one cracking song which I have started to listen to again and the title and a lyric in the song has really got me thinking, and put me in a train of thought.

There are a few things that as a parent I have an irk about, they can seem silly at the time, and I quickly forget about them until it happens again haha, for example parent and toddler parking spaces, I hate the complete disregard for their necessity to parents! But that can’t be changed.

But quite recently something else has been really bugging me and I hadn’t given it a second thought until it happened today again.

The Smoking Ban.

It means that people cannot smoke (or vape?) in public spaces so that it doesn’t affect other people’s health. Brilliant in theory and more or less brilliant in practice! But this is where my frustration lies.

Take for example today.

Myself and Clare went to Aldi to go shopping. Put all the kids into trolley and walked up to the entrance of the store. And there the problem was. A woman standing by the entrance smoking and blowing the smoke all around her, into the faces of me and my children as we have to walk past her to enter the shop.

Unintentional or not, she didn’t care who was walking past and where her toxic fumes were going. I don’t care if you want to ravage your body with toxins but don’t be so inconsiderate to other peoples health or well being. We had to walk right past her through the smokey cloud.

As I thought about it all day, it got me wondering why retail outlets for example don’t have an exclusion zone for people who want to smoke, so that they aren’t standing right at the entrance or exit where people have to walk through it.

If it was wet or windy sometimes you would swear you were on an episode of Stars in Your Eyes and Matthew Kelly was going to tell the audience who you are and what you were going to be singing!

So that’s my rant. I am all for the smoking ban, its great, but when people only have to stand 2 inches away from the entrance of where they are, then it doesn’t have the desired effect in my opinion.

If you haven't seen Stars in Their Eyes then here is a snippet and youll see what I mean.

Do you agree with me? Drop your comments in the box below!

PS check out The Editors song below!

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