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A well deserved break away.

Lets start out with a bit of honesty, Parenting IS difficult. No denying it. Whether you have 1 child or in our case 3! It is in itself a full time job, and something that only gives you a couple of hours of for you to sleep before you are back into it!

Only difference is, if you have 1 or 2 children it would be easier for you to get babysitters for you to head out for an evening, but with 3 all aged 3 and under it is a little harder. So much so that we haven’t had a date night or night away to ourselves in about 18 months since we got married back in October 2017.

With this in mind, back at the turn of the year I decided to plan a late Valentines present of a well deserved night away for us both! You might think I was mad booking it back at the start of January, but when you have so many children you need the time to work out the logistics of babysitting without ruining the surprise, but needless to say we managed to get everything in order and headed away.

The place I had chosen, out of the many available, was Castledale in Sligo. I had decided that at the time of booking I wanted something more than just a hotel room in a city, I wanted a bit more space, a bit more peace and quiet and this place just oozed class from the moment I set eyes on it.

The entire property looked amazing, and the choice of rooms was fantastic, but I opted for the Penthouse suite, which gave us so much freedom and a bit more space than a regular hotel room!

We left home on Tuesday and arrived at Castledale for 1.30pm, where we met Gerry (The owner) and Leo, the loveable Golden Labrador who greets all the guests on arrival. We were given the tour of the property and shown our penthouse suite, and from the minute we pulled up the gates, my jaw dropped.

All of the rooms are clean, crisp and classy. Understated and comfortable at the same time. Downstairs there is a Cinema room, with Massive TV, hooked up to Sky, Netflix and sports channels with an adjoining conservatory with pool table. And a communal dining area where you can have your breakfast.

Upstairs in the Penthouse Suite, we had twin Sofa Settees with TV with Netflix, A bar which had all mod cons, 2 Balconies overlooking the 6 acre, well pruned garden, a wonderful relaxing seating area, a generously sized bathroom and a very relaxing King Bedroom.

What more could you want for a break from family life!

Oh, and free wifi included throughout the property, because, its important!

This was all just 5 minutes from the town centre where we spent the afternoon shopping and having a bite to eat before returning in the early evening for a night at the cinema.

We woke up on Wednesday morning to a wonderfully prepared breakfast waiting for us at our dining table in our Penthouse which was a wonderful start to the day for our journey back home. Myself and Clare at this point had been discussing coming back and how it would be so family friendly for our kids, that we immediately booked to come back in April with us all! We spoke to Gerry and explained our arrangements and he is more than happy to cater for us all!

I took some pictures, but this place goes well beyond pictures and mere ramblings of a lowly dad blogger, but I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a night away, and we only paid E149 which in comparison to some other places locally is well worth the price!

Make sure to look through the pictures I took, and if you want to check out then look at and book!


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