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My second, first blog Post!

How did I get to this point you may ask? I have been looking for a creative way of expressing myself but this isn’t easy, why you may ask?

Well simply put…children. 3 of them in fact!(Cue the jokes about nothing being on the tv, no condoms in the house and the likes – which are funny!) but the truth of it is….I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Its scary….its exciting…it’s the moments that you can never truly understand until you’re in that situation with kids of your own.

So this has led me to write a blog, why? Well I don’t know, to express myself, to make sense of it all once its written down, to help struggling fathers in similar situations, to be a genuine insight into fatherhood for new dads, but let me point out, im not saying im a great father by any means, but im going in the right direction.

To start Lets rewind about 3 years…

When we first found out…utter disbelief, but who am I kidding, sex without a condom was hardly going to end in me getting a new smart tv….but here we are. I go to work, comeback and everything has changed forever, the cars I drive, where we live, all of our social lives and where my money goes!

9 months of stressing, name picking, getting prepared for the baby to arrive, hormones (from her) more names, more baby stuff, more hormones and the age old argument “you don’t know what this pain is like” and guys let me assure you that the reply argument that getting hit in the balls is about the same…will not go down well!

So suddenly the baby is born and then what? They don’t really teach you this stuff in school, I don’t think in those first couple of hours holding my son and changing him did Pythagoras theorem really apply to a child covered in green poo…(yes its green for the first while).

So anyway, we were sitting there and waiting to be discharged from the hospital but the nurse wont allow us to until the baby has a pee so they can make sure all works, he already done a poop, several – quite nasty, but we had to wait it out. Constantly checking the nappy, praying, hoping he had peed. He didn’t.

Waiting in a hospital is boring at the best of times if there is nothing wrong with you, but to get us out of the hospital and home I contemplated pouring some of my glass of water in to the nappy – but I couldn’t start out my parental life being irresponsible, or could i? well I didn’t. But in the end we left him in the cot, naked so the cool draught could make him pee, and my my when he did, what was my first reaction? Certainly not to cover the stream of piss flowing freely like a champagne bottle just uncorked, but to cheer and call for the nurse all the while my son has covered the cot, the curtain and the bed in piss.

Finally we were dressed and discharged and on our way to the car…which is another story in its own. ..seatbelts being stretched to the limit to wrap around and secure my new son, seats slid forward so close to the steering wheel that I could almost feel how a 70 year old woman sits in her Nissan Micra out for a Sunday drive.

Then home, to the quiet of that first night, where it all sinks in, the excitement, the anticipation, the fear…AND SO IT BEGAN!

During the blog we will return to some of the old stories, and share a laugh and a tear…there are a few sad stories so be prepared.

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