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4 Years Later...

So its been 4 years and 1 month since I last wrote my last blog post, and in that time a lot of things have happened, things have changed, and more people have joined our family!

Where do you begin starting up writing as a parent again and what do you begin to document or talk about?

I suppose we shall see what happens as we go on, but for now I will explain what's been happening with the blogging.

I stepped away from blogging because I felt that I wasn't writing things that interested people, or that it wasnt interesting or just good enough. Its something that Ive always struggled with, I dont like failure.

So rather than scrap everything, I decided to just leave the website alone in the hopes that one day I would come back to it rejuvenated and full of inspiration and stories, which is still the dream I suppose, but 4 years later, the popularity of tiktok may mean that traditional blog posts are just too long winded for people to endure!

So yeah, Hello and hopefully you will follow along again, as I introduce you to the new members of the family, the OG members who have now grown up a little and the adventures that we take through life!


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