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Welcome to my Blog!!!

This is my very first post on a blog portal of any sort! as time goes by, i hope i can really connect and interact with you, the reader, and aim to share my Dadventures with my 3 kids.

as the journey continues i will be sharing stories of family life, personal segments, reviews and other general topics that pop into my head!

but before all that, you're probably sitting there wondering who this guy actually is?

Well from the title my name is Jamesy, a nickname given to me many years ago as a lowly high school student, original huh?

Im 30 years old and live in the northwest of Northern Ireland, married to my wonderful wife Clare, and together we share 3 children; Kyran who is 2, Elijah who is 1 and Sofia who is only 2 weeks old!

At present i am a stay at home dad along with Clare. I have decided to take some time out from working to focus on raising my children and enjoy the early years of their lives as ive been told those early years are fleeting!

So far its taking some adjustment to come out of full time employment and adapting to being a full time parent, especially with our new arrival, everything is in upheaval mode!

So that is a brief introduction into who i am! i hope that you continue to follow my blog, and dont be afraid to get involved, i have recently created a Facebook group for Dads in Northern Ireland call Dad Challenge Northern Ireland, but dont worry, even if youre not from Northern Ireland, we will still be happy to have you as a member!

for those of you that like to put a face to the name, then there is a picture of me below, ironically, i dont even like coffee?

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