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2018 Ford C-Max 1.5tdci Titanium - My Amateur Review

Recently Clare and I decided that we needed to invest in a new car for our family. Something I jumped with joy at the thought off. We had been using cheap second hand cars readily for the last while but i just could never settle and this really annoyed Clare.

The car we had been using up to the point of collecting our new car was a 2003 Vauxhall Zafira 2.0dti, which to be honest, is about as exciting as a 3 day old glass of milk thats been sitting out in the sun too long - it really had to go!

The Jeremy Clarkson inside of me came leaping out and started to take control! what car next? what size engine? POWERRRRR was certainly required...

I was looking at Ford Focus St Estates, Vauxhall Insignia VXRs and the like, whilst telling myself it was acceptable to look at these cars because i could cram in 3 child seats into the back and we still had a decent amount of boot space - my thinking wasnt rational, my inner 17 year old boy raacer was taking over!

But, once i had cleared my mind, it became apparent that i needed a vehicle that had 3 independant rear seats and a huge luggage compartment for a double and single prams! so my options were simple - 7 seat vehicle such as a Ford Galaxy or something like a jeep like a Hyundai IX35/Tucson.

It comes down to what is affordable at the time, and i was amazed i had actually overlooked the C-Max to begin with. Working in 2 different Ford dealerships, i know that Ford are quite reliable and the cars can take some abuse. So when i actually seen that i could fit my kids car seats across the back, still sit in my driving position and not compromise on the luggage space I was sold.

We opted for the new 1.5 diesel engine which im led to believe is more refined than the previous 1.6, and can achieve 60+mpg. this was also specced as the titanium, so we have the 8" touchscreen entertainment system, keyless start, air con, electric windows and rear park sensors, along with nicer alloys and fog lights etc, all the toys that a Dad car enthusiast can compromise with!

We've had the car 1 week now and covered only 300 miles or so, but im so impressed with it. It carries our family about supperbly and with much comfort. The driving position is fantastic with an abundance of visibility whtich makes town driving impeccable. The engine is torquey and punchy when you put the right foot down a little.

With it being so new, im only achieving around 40mpg with town driving so i cant complain, she has yet to be put through her paces if im being honest, but i have lots of confidence because she has sharp cornering ability which means i can be brave - off course not with children in the car!

There are little touches which appeal to me, Isofix Harnessing points in the back seats and a clever little mirror just placed above the rear view to keep check on the kids in the back seat!

So far so good then! but this is something i will certainly come back to in due course, but if you're a new parent with 3 or less children, this is certainly a vehicle you shouldnt rule out of the running!

Below is a picture of my own car for your reference, hopefully i will get to share other vehicles i may get to drive in the future and report back to you all then too!

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