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Provide, Protect & Prioritise.

Im a little later at publishing this post than i had originally planned, because my dad had to go away last minute. But this slight void in my daily posting has been good because it has allowed to come up with ideas which i will be bringing forward in due course.

If you follow me on instagram (jamesyni-shameless self promotion) then you will see i try to keep a simple post regularly.

Anyway, back on topic.

I had wanted to have a conversation with my dad to ask him some questions about being a dad! This was in some ways a favt finding mission for my blog, but some personal growth for me!

Dont take that the wrong way, me and my dad have a fantastic relationship and he is someone i always turn to for help, advice and guidance, but when it comes to the deep down lovey dovey huggy way, we dont really do that, so it was great to have this insight!

Ill write each question out and then post his reply underneath. 

Hopefully you enjoy!

Q) What was your reaction when you found out you were going to be a dad for the first and second time?

A) i was delighted, excited and nervous on both occassions. Wasnt too sure what to expect when the first baby (thats me) was to arrive!

Q) What did you find difficult at the start?

A) To be honest i was nervous with rhe practical side of things, the nappy changes, the clothes changes and the feeding - babies are fragile!

Q) What were the oarts you enjoyed most?

A) i really enjoyed taking you out whenever i could get the chance. Going for walks, bike rides and playing football. I myself loved being outside as much as possible and wanted to share that with you both.

Q) How much did having children change you?

A) In simple terms, you dont think about changing, you instinctively change and adapt, yes social things fall by the wayside  but suddenly its not your time anymore but your childrens.

Q) how did your father influence you as a dad?

A) i lived away from my family when i became a dad, but my father was always a hardworker, a countryman at heart who always worked hard to provide for our large family and this was something that stuck with me!

Q) You now have 5 grandchildren, 3 boys and 2 girls, how does the role of grandfather differ to being a father?

A) its a different role because its not 24/7 and not as intense. I can be more relaxed and really enjoy spending quality time with my grandchildren and being a great granddad to them! 

Q) How has being a dad to me and Andrew changed as we have become older and have our own families?

A) Children grow up and begin to make their ow  choices. When you were smaller i had to make sure that i was making the best choices for you both but now that you are both older,you make your own choices, and whether they are right or wrong, i will support and guide you with the outcome of those choices!

And finally

Q) What is 1 piece you would give me (or any father out there) to keep with them as a parent?

A) Thats simple, 3 P's, Provide, Protect and Prioritise. Do this for your kids and everything else will naturally fall into place!

It goes without saying that now as a 30 year old father of 3, i can see the benefits of my dads parenting! The times he said no and why, the times he gave me the answer i didnt like and the times he supported me through the hardest points of my life. 

Sometimes we take our dads for granted, and we should take on board all the advice they can give us!


This is my dad John with our youngest son Elijah!

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