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3 songs for your weekend!

Guys, its been a week since i plucked up the courage to write a blog, and to be completely truthful i didnt think i would have the confidence or the discipline to keep going, but here i am!

Im so full of enthusiasm to share with the world what its like to be a dad, and ive already met some fantastic fathers on social media, long may it continue.

So for tonights entry, ive just wanted to present to my 3 picks of songs for the weekend that i simply cannot stop listening too! 

Spoiler alert...they are all irish artists and im unashamedly biassed with that!

Have a great weekend, keep following my blog and enjoy the music! 

Tebi rex x elkin - she hated lovesongs ii 

The academic - bear claws 

Hermitage green - quicksand 

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