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A Trip to BelfastZoo

Let me set the scene for you. In Ireland its rare to get any sort of sunshine, let alone warm weather, but today, a miracle happened and we had a gorgeous day, albeit with a little cloud, but it was definitely a day to be seized!

So we got up and Clare had suggested we take the kids to Belfast Zoo for the first time as a family, and what a great decision this was! We even invited Aunty Joanne and Cousin Tiernan to come with us (Tiernan is 9 months old!)

The zoo is about an hour and a half from where we live, which means a wee journey across our fair land, and on a day like today that we had, it was great! The countryside, the houses, the chats in the car, it was all brilliant!

We weren't sure how the kids would take to it with them being so young but it all turned out well. The youngest children off course stayed in the prams and Kyran, we allowed some free rein for him to walk and run as we traveled through the zoo, he is starting to become more independent!

With it being so beautiful today and temperatures flirting around the high teens, the animals were all out of their enclosures enjoying it. From the monkeys swinging in the branches, to the elephants having fruit and veg, the slithery snakes to the playful sea lions, all the children took it in and had an amazing time!

The zoo itself is quite easy to get to from the M2, and parking was ample! The admission was reasonable, as you would expect, our kids all got in free, and adults were £13 each!

The layout is easy to get around to each enclosure, and everything is pristinely kept, barely a scrap of litter in the zoo, tree branches and grass looked to have been cut and trimmed quite meticulously!

All these things added up for a fantastic first experience at the zoo for our family. Certainly one that the kids will remember and we will be returning to again over the summer! Who knew that learning and having fun could come together so wonderfully.

And to cap it all off, the view over the harbour over the top of Glengormley was just beautiful, where the rolling emerald hills meet the deep blue sea, Northern Ireland certainly is wonderful place to live!

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