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Feed the Family for £10

As a bit of a challenge for me and my family, i took it upon myself to see if i could purchase all the ingredients required for my family to have a breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper all on a budget of just £10.

You might think I’m crazy for attempting it but if it works it could change the way our family purchases and consumes food. The first thing to keep the cost down is the supermarkets own brand range and then selecting what i need.

Secondly i planned out what could be nice meals and the quantity required.

We all know blogs such as Skint Daddy are great at this, but i wanted to put it into practice.

So heres what my meal plan consists of:




Piece of fruit

Pure orange


Toasted ham and cheese sandwiches

Piece of fruit

Pure orange


Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread

ice cream

Pure orange


Toast topped with banana slices

Orange juice.

Initially i thought this couldnt be done, but as me and Kyran walked around the store, the key to keeping on track was to know what to buy amd to keep the calculator handy to make sure i was on budget.

In my town of Strabane we have 2 key supermarkets we can choose between, Lidl or Asda. We chose Asda on this occassion.

Surprisingly i came in at a total of £10.89, 15p of the total for the bags!

Im going to prepare all the meals tomorrow and offer them to the family and we shall continue this tomorrow!

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