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Im too old for this SH....

I’m too old for this SH!T

“Im too old for this shit”

For those of you old enough to know what amazing movie this is from, it’s from Lethal Weapon. One of Murtaughs favourite quotes because he feels like he is too old to go through all the rough and tumbles of being a cop. I never really gave it too much consideration when I was younger, why? Well because in my teens and 20’s I was made of magic and rubber and had no kids, so I felt indestructible. I was carefree. I didn’t have to worry about being the age I am now!

But recently I have been re-watching one of my favourite shows, How I Met Your Mother, and in Season 4 Episode 19, lead character Ted Mosby has what he calls “The Murtaugh List” which is essentially a list of stuff that he is too old to be doing.

Briefly these are a few:

Pulling an all-nighter Get ear pierced Hanging posters without frames Crash on a friend's futon Eating an entire pizza in one sitting Do laundry at mom's house Put off going to the doctor Drinking shots with strangers Leave an annoying two person message on your answering machine Help someone move out of a sixth floor walkup in exchange for pizza and beer Beer Bong Going to a rave

And when I look at some of those things I think, yeah Im too old to be doing that stuff. But in the episode, another character, Barney, gives Ted a list of things which he is too young to do.

Briefly these are a few:

Yell at neighbourhood kids to get of your lawn.

Put on reading glasses

Supper at 4pm

Getting up at 5am

Went to bed at 8pm

Two wildly contrasting ideologies but it got me thinking about my life and how much it has changed and if I am actually too old for this shit.

Well back in my teens and my 20’s I used to love just hanging around town in the car with my friends until stupid o’clock and just chatting non sense and having a laugh, someday if you’re lucky I’ll show you what I drove. I used to stay up all night and sleep all day. My mum did all my washing, I never went to the doctor or dentist, and I could eat like a horse without fear of becoming an absolutely fatty or diabetes catching me. And I used to be able to sit and watch Match of The Day as the good Lord intended, live on BBC 1 on a Saturday night with a dirty, greasy takeaway from my favourite chippy!

Fast forward 3 kids, 1 marriage and 10 years later. I can barely stay up to see the intro to MOTD, I do my laundry, along with the continuous pile of kids laundry. I scowl at the young lads racing about the town in their cars and I’m slowly morphing into a dadbod that has been waiting for me all this time! And I now have to go to the Doctor and Dentist to make sure that I am in good health.

But would I change it? Absolutely not.

I love going to bed early and getting up early with my kids and everything is a responsibility of getting older. It happens to most people in life. Don’t get me wrong, I still go for a nosey into town and see all the young ones cruising about, and I wouldn’t mind doing that again, but in a diesel CMax it’s not really cool to be doing, no matter how much I want it to be!

So I’m not too old for this shit, I’m just too old for all that shit that I used to do, because life has moved on to the next chapter, and in ten years time if I’m spared, I will hopefully say I’m too old for the shit I was doing when I was 30!

Oh and by the way, if you haven’t watched any of the Lethal Weapon films, I suggest that after you finish reading here, give my Facebook page a like, follow me on Instagram and then go and rent the films and watch them because they are a damn good film! Or if you’re a young person I’m pretty sure you know somewhere online to stream them, but seriously do it, because they are epic films!

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