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Social Media v Reality

I read recently a fantastic post on dadvworld blog, and it really got me thinking of two aspects of life,the life i live day to day, and the things i let people see on social media.

For me this is becoming more and more prevalent because as i grow my blog i will be using social media more and have my kids on it too!

So firstly i want to explore social media and its impact. I touched on this is one of my earlier blogs about how people use it to outdo each other.

Social media has made us less social in my opinion. We have more friends online than we do in reality. Social media allows us to be selective, choose who can see what and when. It provides a society where you think people care for you and support you, but the truth is they dont. They throw a few likes and a few "pm me if you need me" comments to show other users that they care. In reality, its all for show.

But i am starting to change the way i look at social media. I have already met some wonderful dads here and blogs that have really opened my eyes to being a dad. Experiences and hacks shared. And i hope that i can contribute this in the coming weeks on months!

But coming away from social media, we have reality.

People get to see the cute kids photos where everything is rosy and bright and we all look good and have the best of things, but noone ever sees the struggles, the tears or the arguments. All the things being parent is about.

Kids not eating, being sick, crying, fighting or snotty noses and tears. Parents just not clicking, or bills or stress weighing them down. You need real friends to help you through those times and only real friends will see that side of your family!

Social media is great for showing people how great things can be, but sometimes the reality needs to shine through, we need to stop with the filters and the bunny ears, the airbrushed photos, chasing a perfection that will never be attainable.

Dont do it for the benefit of others, do it for you!

Put down the filters, change your approach to social media and dont let it take hold of your life...dont live your family life through the lens of a camera!

Sometimes the best memories you will have are the ones you dont share on social media!

Credit for this post goes to dadvworld for the inspiration to allow me to write this! check out their blog! Thanks!

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