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The Mundane Dad

I have been wondering what to write for this evenings post, because I have been in a haze of ideas and thoughts about how to make myself and my blog more fun for everyone - which will be revealed in due course.

I have been putting pressure on myself to keep writing blog posts as I dont want to get out of the habit, but at the same time I dont want to be writing rubbish just for the sake of posting something online, but this did get me thinking. Over the last couple of days I have just been so busy with everyday life that at the end of the day, Clare and I have sat and watched Santa Clarita Diet (A must watch might I add) which has been great,but this also made me start thinking about a point i touched on when I wrote about social media, that everything online isnt always what it looks like.

Now in relation to this post, I dont mean that in a bad way, but most of the stuff I put up is of some importance or an event or something big that has happened during the day etc, but this is used commonly as its interesting reading, which I hope it is.

But for anyone reading my posts, if you're new to parenting or have kids already...there is a monotonous side to family life. Whether you work or dont, there is a cycle that develops and can be pretty boring.

Wake up, work, home, see kids, feed kids, put kids to sleep, watch tv, put kids to sleep again, go to bed, put kids to sleep again, then you go to sleep, wake up twice more to put kids to sleep...then suddenly you're back at the beginning of the cycle.

Its part and parcel of life, obviously there will be a birthday party, or a day out, or a skinned knee, or something that livens up the monotony, but in reality, we all have that cycle.

Blogs are fantastic for showing how awesome family life can be which is great, and im not having a dig at that, but sometimes it doesnt show you what life can be like when your knee deep in dirty nappies and all the kids are crying and theres no pleasing anyone, but all dads have been there!

Even just yesterday after Sofia was Christened. Clare went for a meal with her family and I had the kids all on my own for the first time...scared the hell out of me! Kyran bit Elijah which caused him to scream in pain, whilst I'm feeding Sofia, meaning I have to put her down to stop Elijah crying, and when I do that Elijah stops crying and Sofia starts, then Kyran decides he wants to cry as can be hard!

Sometimes I take Clare for granted because we are a team and together we work well through the daily grind of life, and we enjoy the big moments when they happen.

But I guess my advice would be that if you are a new dad or existing dad,expect the not so fun days, embrace them as hard as they can and will be, because that is what makes you an awesome dad!

When you're changing the poo nappy - sing a song, or when you're changing clothes, do a dance, or when they are crying, act silly and make them smile again, go against the grain of the mundane, embrace and make it special time as well!

Here is a link that emphasizes my point! :)

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