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Toddler TV

I have my tv shows that I enjoy, really enjoy, but I am seasons behind everyone else in watching them because my children have somehow laid claim to what is on! It doesnt matter where they may be in the house, if I so much as change the channel, their sixth sense kicks in and all hell breaks loose screaming for the channel to be put back!

I read a statement today by Digital Dad on Facebook and he made a point that even a movie to him has become a mini series, which really tickled my funny bone because it is so true! (Most of what he says is hilarious and you should follow him on Facebook!)

But I get to thinking about all the childrens tv that is out there for toddlers to watch - and what I as a parent can tolerate without sticking a hot fiery poker in my eye!

I have to say that out of all the programs out there, the ones that I enjoy are Something Special (Mr Tumble) & Justins House - All played by Justin Fletcher.

Mr Tumble uses Makaton Sign Language to teach children about songs and shapes and every day objects. At first, I hated this show, its songs and layout, but the more I watched with my kids, the more Kyran especially took an interest. All of a sudden Kyran was singing the songs, and making reference to Mr Tumble. His speech became better, and astonishingly if I couldnt understand what Kyran was saying to me, he could sign it and I would get the picture....remarkable given he could do this before he was 2!!

This still carries on tofay, and as an educational show I would highly recommend it. Justins House on the other hand is more of an arse about / having a laugh kind of show for kids, with a few songs, silly story lines and just involving the kids, which is brilliant, no pressure to learn. CBeebies has hit the right notes with both of these shows!

But there is always a flip side to this.

I try not to let the kids watch Teletubbies because I feel that it hinders the way that children can learn to speak, they may be cute and cuddly but Mr Tumble certainly has a more educational appeal!

There is no escaping it though, you are sucked in to the CBeebies world, and their way, and soon you have all the songs stuck in your head...and its not a bad thing!

Embrace the awful cringey kids shows and their songs and bounce around with your kids, it actually becomes quite fun and enjoyable, and soon enough, the repeats blend into the background!!!

Check out this video and you will see how inviting and Educational Mr Tumble actually is!

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