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Working Dad v Stay at Home Dad

Well, a topic that I now have some experience in.

I’ve now been out of work 6 months since I decided I wanted to stay at home and help now that we have 3 kids, and the first thing I will tell you is….how did my wife cope with 2 boys under 2 whilst being pregnant!?

Like seriously….

And to manage to keep a house as well…I’m amazed. So before we go any further, credit to my wife for that, and for any other mother out there that does this as well, kudos to you all!

Everyone thinks that it must be great to not have to work and spend time with the family, but it does have its ups and downs. In that weather, its certainly a plus to not have to be stuck at work, sweating and complaining wishing I could be home, well now I am!

I find I like to try and have some sort of routine, its important for my own sanity and important for the kids. Being at work provides you with a mental stimulus, and if you get into the rut of not being at work, you can quickly fall into a lazy spell of sleeping all day and being up all night, and that cant be the case.

When I was working, I always felt that I missed out a lot with the boys, first words, first steps, cute moments that I will only ever have as a message in my phone, but this time I don’t have to worry. I’m seeing everyday how much Sofia is growing and changing and learning and I’m amazed. It makes me wonder why fathers only get 2 weeks off for paternity leave, and I know that the UK government allows you to split the leave, but lose out financially I believe.

I am able to help out around the house more, and can help running errands and get shopping done, and still have lots of time to spend with the kids to do the playing, the park and family excursions! It really is brilliant.

What you need to consider though, is it the right time of your life to take time away from work, and is it financially viable?

For us personally, we are managing financially, and I believe it is the right time for me to step back and enjoy family life. It allows us the chance for the wife to go and pursue her career ambitions and for me to evaluate what I want from life and where I feel I can make a difference or an impact.

It’s all about finding the balance and making sure you make the most of the time with your children and you’re family. There are parents who work 50 or 60 hours a week to provide for their family but never get to see them! Long gone is the age old tradition of the mummy staying at home and the father going to earn the bread, and it is great that things have changed.

Below is a link to another fathers insight into being a stay at home dad, from someone who has done it for 12 years! This is a great little read courtesy of GQ Magazine.

How do you balance work and family?

Are you a stay at home parent? If so, what is your daily schedule?

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