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Your Partner, Remember them?

At present, as I type these words, I have started listening to the live version of Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, harking back to the parachutes era, just thought I would plug that for anybody looking for chilled music to listen to!

Now on to the feature!

Do you remember your partner? Ya know, the other person in your life that helps you raise your children and you navigate life with?

I will admit that when it comes to blogging and to having a family, I am still vastly under experienced compared to many other wonderful dad bloggers on the internet today. My opinions may not be as appreciated or my views for that matter but the benefit that I do have is that I do not have to reminisce over the years to learn lessons! That’s not a dig; it’s just how I think.

Family life can be difficult, but it more often than not is really fun, especially now that I no longer work and stay at home. I can do what I want when I want and the kids really enjoy that. But the days go in fast and both me and Clare say to each other “We can’t wait for bed time” not just for the kids but so that we can have some down time ourselves. We are so busy with raising 3 under 3 that sometimes it’s easy to overlook the other person in the team!

I’m sure we all have that person in our lives that caught our eye at the beginning, we spoke to them, went out together, started a relations ship and eventually led to a family or marriage or what have you. Sparks were flying, chocolates and flowers were in abundance, the romance oozed between you both. Honeymoon period was in full swing.

But then you have children, and the dynamic shifts. Suddenly all that love, energy and enthusiasm are put into the children. Very quickly the romance disappears and you tell each other that you love them and you always give a kiss when you say goodbye. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how life goes, children should be the priority and they will take up all of your time.

It is important though that you don’t forget your other half and this is for both men and women. Women can feel that a man isn’t trying anymore, and men can feel like they are now second fiddle to the children and sometimes this may cause a division in some relationships, and I have read that it has on some forums on the internet and that’s a sad thing to happen.

I certainly try my best to keep the romance, whether its flowers or chocolates, or running her a bath, or simply making her a cup of tea that she likes. As I have said many times before it can be the simple things. But we always try to have a breakaway ourselves so that we can enjoy time together, and that can be difficult because I miss my kids and spend the holiday money on them haha!

I guess the point of this post is to remind any parents out there that in all the hustle and bustle of family life, don’t forget the other person who is with you on this journey, how you both started out on this together, make sure to make time for each other as well as your children! Don’t wait until February 14th to show your partner how much you love and care for them! Every day should be the day for that.

And if you don’t have a partner for whatever reason, make sure to make time for yourself, to go and do the things you enjoy, it will help your mind, clear your head and refocus!

It doesn’t take much money, time or effort, but it will strengthen your relationship as a parental unit and a couple!

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