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Things All Dads Do

Take a look at your Fatherhood and see how many of these 5 traits you can relate to!

Never Read the instruction manual – no matter how many times the wife tells us too!

Yep this is me, I don’t like instructions, and I am too stubborn to want to change that! I think it takes up valuable building time anyway! But you always end up half way through sitting on the ground, with screws and parts strewn across the floor anyways, and then the wife sitting on the sofa with the smug look saying I told you so! Would’ve been easier and less time consuming to read it in the first place!

But yet, we don’t change our ways and we continue to ignore the manual!

ALL dads have a “Dad Drawer”

We all have one, usually filled with old phone chargers, random cables, a few batteries, a pen (that doesn’t work) a menu from a takeaway, some old change, an instruction manual (See Above) maybe a screw driver in there along with tape of some description. It’s full! I guarantee you that if you were to check said drawer a lot of what I listed will be there. And if the wife asks for something, we will always go to that drawer and hope it’s in there, because we always believe there is a use for that stuff and we don’t ever want to throw it out no matter what the other half says!

Dad Bods

Ok fellow dads, don’t let that belly get you down, or the hair! Its official, we are trend setters and seen as attractive men! (Quick, tell the other half!) And apparently our “pudgie stature” will allow us to “Live longer” this is all from the huffington post. Get In There!

Dads Are Tight Arses

Hold on, don’t panic it’s not what you think. Here in Northern Ireland, tight arse is a reference to someone who doesn’t like to spend money no matter how much or how little. I’m a little like that, and if I believe what I read about other dads we are pretty much the same – how many times have you went shopping with the Mrs and she’s bought something and instead of complimenting her the first thing you ask is, “How much was that?” I am so guilty of this, but yet when justifying the price of a massive takeaway or parts for the car, it is no problem for me! Unplugging everything in the house, switching off all the lights in the house. Looking for the special offers in the supermarkets. I vaguely quote Chris Rock when he said that his family were so poor that at night his dad used to take the battery out of the clock to save it!

“Dads: Deep Pockets but Short Arms” – JamesyNI 2018-08-04

The Chair

Need I continue? We all have OUR own seat and no one else is allowed in it. Its our spot, our one thing that never changes in this fast paced world! Ok I may not be as protective as Sheldon Cooper but I’m too far behind! Oh and if you ever get to visit my house, as pleasant as I am, sit in my chair and I will soon ask you to move!

So to sum up, Dads are tight arsed men, who hoard everything we have in the hope we can find a use again for it someday, who are stubborn and won’t admit defeat. But at the end of the day we carry our ridiculously IN Fashion Dad bods to our favourite seat and relax. And I won’t be told anything to the contrary!

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