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Sofias Birth - My Story

I realise lately that I havent been sharing as much about our family life as I would have liked, and that is something that I will aim to get back to over the coming weeks. But as recent as last week my wife asked me to post on her blog about the birth of our third child Sofia, and I quite enjoyed it and wanted to share it here with you in case you missed the entire story on Clares page then click here.

Sofia’s Birth – Through her Dad’s eyes

The wife has been at me recently to guest post on her blog regarding Sofia’s birth so I said yes!

It’s one thing writing for my own blog and something entirely different writing for someone else’s. The only way I can describe it is, writing for my own blog is sitting at home in my comfy trackies and hoody just relaxing, whereas guest writing is going out for a fancy dinner, I must throw on a nice shirt and trousers – be respectable looking!

But anyway that’s not why I’m here. I am here to write about Sofia’s birth and how I seen it unfold.

Mummies are great at remembering everything about the babies and their births, dads not so much so you will have to forgive me on any details I miss, but I’m sure they are all included on Clare’s blog!

From the previous 2 children, I knew that from the minute we went into the hospital to be induced it would be a long boring wait. Sorry to those new parents who read this and think otherwise, but it is a bit arduous. The nurses will do rounds and all the dads have to go out into the corridor where we make awkward chit chat and all look uncertain about being a dad, that’s the truth, I had yet to see one man standing there who was entirely confident. But I had been here before so it was no big deal.

So the first night, there wasn’t much happening so I nipped home quite late in the evening, I remember it was actually snowing so I took my time all the way, called into the McDonalds and had a bite to eat. I remember going to sleep and just mentally preparing myself for the next couple of days.

But the next morning, I awoke earlier than my alarm and I thought to myself, I best just go on down the road in case something happens, and I’ll hang around the hospital until visiting time. But just as I had pulled up to the car park my phone rang. It was Clare.

Sounding panicked, she was asking where I was and I told her to look out the window and I had pulled up. I can’t really remember what Clare said, but I do remember hearing bleeding and emergency. I remember just switching the car off, jumping out and running...running. I was parked at the very back of the car park, as far from the door as you could go.

I remember just running across the car park, up the steps, through the main door, not looking for the lift, straight for the stairs, and up 3 flights and through to the maternity ward. I remember the looks on people’s faces as I ran past them.

I got into the ward and there was a hive of activity, they were moving Clare out of the ward on the bed, I had to pick up what I could and follow behind, doors were being swung open, I think they crashed the bed of the wall at one point they were in such a hurry.

We got to the other department where they would start giving Clare a drip of antibiotics and prep for baby to arrive. I remember the amount of doctors and nurses that were in, it was so frantic.

I was worried.

This could only mean that something bad was going to happen to our baby. I was thinking to myself to prepare for the worst and be there for Clare if it were to happen. I even thought back to a brief conversation we had if there had to be a choice to be made in the event of an emergency. It was just pandemonium.

After a few minutes things started to settle and Clare started having contractions and gas and air. This was the time I tried to be calm and talk to her and be there for her. We were in the room no more than an hour and a half when Sofia decided she had enough. I remember Clare being moved to the bed and I held her hand as she pushed Sofia out.

I was never as relieved as I was then.

The nurses did their thing with Clare whilst I followed the other nurse as they were cleaning and weighing Sofia. I was so proud of my 2 girls! I just kept taking pictures. I couldn’t stop saying thank you to the medical staff, I was so happy to have my baby girl.

Much of what happened next I can’t remember, I just know we held Sofia for those first couple of hours whilst they monitored her, but her temperature was getting quite low. This was now a new concern for us. They informed us that they were going to move us to the ward to keep an eye on her. This began a 3 day stay in the hospital to make sure the little lady was all ok. It was a long week in general. At times boring but just glad that Sofia was ok.

Advice for dads reading this, perhaps it’s your first time? Be prepared for a long wait. Be a support to the mother of the baby, do anything she asks. Man up in the delivery room, don’t be scared of what you will see, and just be there for the mummy.

Have a plan in case things don’t go your way. Sometimes the worst will happen and you may have to make a decision, have this tough conversation long before you go into hospital.

Enjoy it! Birth is a miracle that a lot of people will never get to experience. Take lots of pictures of all stages of the birth, even if the mummy doesn’t want you to, she will be glad that you did in the long run!

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