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Kyrans 1st Day at School

Wow, this moment has come around so quickly. Literally a flash and we are here, and gets me asking how quickly the time will come until he is through school, learning to drive, comes home with his first girlfriend or even gets married.

What makes it worse is that I turn 31 this week, and whilst I perhaps don’t feel like Im that old, and hopefully don’t look that old, I certainly have a realisation that time is moving quickly and Im getting old!

But that’s not the point. I come back to the original topic, which is Kyrans first day at school. As I write this, it’s the night before the big day. We have just bathed the children and sat them down to have their supper before they start to go to bed.

I don’t know who is more nervous about this, Kyran or Clare.

If you have children at this stage or beyond you will probably know what I am going to say or where I am going with this. In the run up to this the anxiety was through the roof. He needs all these new clothes, a new uniform, a schoolbag and a haircut. His clothes are sitting to be ironed, folded and laid out for him for his big day tomorrow. And he has no clue about it all!

It makes me wonder if I should be more anxious about it like my wife is? But I am really not. I am excited for him to get out there and to learn and see more of the world around him and to interact and make friends! Maybe its different for mums and dads. We have already had some practice photos of him in his uniform but tomorrow the real deal will happen (Be prepared for in depth coverage and analysis on my social media!)

But anyway, Ill update this post on Monday when he has had his first day in playschool!

So its now Monday evening and what a whirlwind day that has been. After all the trepidation of how Kyran would settle into his first day, our fears were put to bed pretty quickly. He walked straight in, hung up his coat and bag and walked into the playgroup with so much confidence. He started to identify all the animals he knew to the teacher, hugged his mummy, high 5 me and then we left just as quickly as we entered.

No tears, no screaming. Just one happy boy.

His mummy was still nervous for him the whole time he was away, and this was evident when we collected him, his mummy told me to wait whilst she couldn’t get to the front door quick enough to see him.

All in all, a great first day with many thoughts and feelings, but great to see! Check out the couple of pictures and Kyrans Post – First Day analysis.

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