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I Nearly Pulled the Plug

This week has been a test for me in terms of blogging.

I sat on Friday at home, lacking so much enthusiasm and desire for the whole thing that I was so close to closing my website and my social media accounts.

I felt that maybe I wasn’t producing the content that I would have liked, whether people were interested in reading it, or was I just wasting my time. So I sat there, thinking and thinking and thinking.

I decided to not make any decisions and let it sit over the weekend and see how things went and would decide during the week if I wanted to go ahead with stopping everything.

I struggled to write, find topics and even make plans to blog. It was like I was on a permanent writers block, and I then began to put myself under pressure by looking at how much time passed since I last made a post - and it stressed me out.

I kept comparing myself to the successful bloggers and thinking am I as good as those guys in relation to content and how they write.

But Saturday changed that.

As some of you know, I wrote a blog post on Saturday evening about a topic that had angered me, and I was so passionate that I had to write…..and it just flowed through me. Off course I was worried about the reaction, but as the evening progressed and I spoke to fellow bloggers, I knew that you cant always write things “on the safe side” and I am glad I did do it now.

In case you missed the blog post, click HERE to read it.

But since this, I have had people message me and leave comments that compliment what I have written, and that is such a great boost when going through a difficult spell where I could have simply walked away. I hear that people do read and follow my blog even though they may never get involved in my social media and that is great to hear….almost like a ghost follower.

So if you are reading this then thank you for following along, I hope that you enjoy it, and YOU are the reason that I share these things with you!

I have to remind myself sometimes that I need to write for the enjoyment of sharing my experiences and for the record it keeps, not always for the views, or the likes and shares although that it is nice when people recognise your writing!

There is work in the pipeline that will be revealed in the next couple of weeks that I now have a renewed excitement for, something that will impact some people in a good way so be sure to follow along.

And if you do read this don’t be afraid to get involved with the social media and the blog, its nice to hear from you and to have your ideas and thoughts shared with me! If you have a topic that you would like me to touch on, then give me an email!

So thank you to each and every one of you for giving me that renewed encouragement to keep going, to keep blogging and writing, it is much appreciated!

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