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Lets Try This Again...

Lets try this again shall we!

Its been roughly a year that I decided that I wanted to “Blog” about life as a dad. I had high hopes, dreams and aspirations of what I wanted to achieve. And for many months it had been great, slightly hard at times but I kept plodding along. But for those of you who will have followed along (Thank you by the way!) Back in November this came to quite an abrupt stop.

With no warning.

And those of you who followed my social media accounts may or may not have noticed that they disappeared as well.

You would suspect that I had given up, and you would be correct in some sense.

I struggled. Not with the parenting, that’s always a struggle, but just the whole world of being a blogger! I have a desire to write, it gives me an outlet so to speak, but my big problem is that I was comparing myself to others out there and I felt I couldn’t cut the mustard!

I decided to let things fizzle out, pretend I never made the attempt in the first place, something that I have struggled with in life generally!

But for the 3 months that I had been in the void of hiding from my blog, it’s something that I never forgot, I always kept thinking about and wanted to return too. I was so proud of myself for what I had attempted in the first place, and I wanted to remember that Dads are an important part of the family too! I felt like I have let people down because I stepped back like that. Personally, I needed to as well. I needed to focus on my family and just enjoy life without feeling the need to analyse and document it.

Blogging gave me these fresh eyes and made me look at parenting almost like a tv program. Something that I watched rather than was a part of. So for those of you that liked, shared, read, listened to, and those that supported me, thank you for that, and sorry if you feel like Ive let you down!

But in saying that, we are into second month in to a brand new year, and here I sit evaluating what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy so much about my first attempt at blogging and it boils to this.

Writing about being a dad is the priority.

What do I mean by that? Well simple, I will write about my highs and low of being a dad, and an expectant dad too! I feel that I didn’t know what direction I wanted my blog to take and that I wanted it to be an instant success without putting the hard work in. I got sidetracked. I want to share the honest insight into parenting and not the exaggerated or polished stories just for effect or to help push a product that I have to endorse etc etc, so This will be it, JamesyNI stripped back, cutting out all the BS that goes along with blogs and blogging and focusing on what being a dad is about.

I’m not going to put myself under pressure just for the sake of “posting” something and hoping it gets lots of likes or shares. When I feel there is something of value to share, then it will be shared, but I won’t be putting up nonsense. I feel that I can write more freely when I’m not under pressure, and the worst thing is, I am my own worst enemy. I put myself under immense pressure and stress when there is none to begin with.

So there we have it, put it out there, that I didn’t feel good enough to run my own blog. I hope you understand what I have been attempting to say and I hope that you will continue to follow on my journey through Fatherhood.


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