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Instant Family

You may have read that we recently went away for a deserved break to Sligo, which was fantastic. But we took this opportunity to have a cinema date night to see a film that we both wanted to see, wanted to see that much that we avoided it on streaming sites - Instant Family.

A mark Wahlberg comedy where him and his and wife end up fostering two children and their older teenage sister. A comedical look at parents just thrown in at the deep end. 

It was funny and so many moments we could relate too. But this film dis more than just make me laugh, and I think there is a subtle subliminal message, which is to consider fostering and adopting children. 

It really showed what it can be like, especially for teenagers who potential people would normally not gice a second look at because, Well, they are teenagers after all. 

I couldn't stop thinking about it during the movie, it's something that I have always wanted to do, and Clare and I have spoken about on several occasions. Once we have established our family we want to gice other kids the chance of being part of a loving family, something they may not have experienced before.

But here in Northern Ireland it appears that the process is much more difficult than doing background checks and a few seminars and courses, which i can appreciate, and I think that's what puts people off, but not us. 

We have been having conversations about how to get us to that point, and how we will be in a suitable situation to do that. As I have said before, I have always had a burden to give children a chance!

But when the time is right we will decide what to do! 

But i would encourage other people out there to at least go to the relevant websites and read up about it and consider if you can provide care for a child in a difficult situation!

Oh, and the film, highly recommend it. Very funny, tear jerking and just a great watch! 

Here is a link if you want more information!

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