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Ladies in my Life

It shouldn’t take a day such as today, or Valentines Day, a Birthday or even Christmas to acknowledge important people in your life, especially the ladies. And in my life there are several important women in my life, that, without them, things wouldn’t work out the way they do! But today is International Womens Day, so here is just a small token of appreciation to all the ladies in my life.

My mum for example, sure without her carrying me for 9 months and looking after me, I wouldn’t be here today and the person I have become. And sometimes I tend to forget that, but even now at the age of 31, my mum is still looking out for me, and my family. She rings and texts every so often to ask how we all are doing, she’s always telling me to be careful when I’m out driving (ever since I was 19), and always there to make sure I’m ok when things don’t go to plan. You would swear I still lived at home, because there are even times now she tells me not to stay out too late if I am out any where, and I know that even back then when I was flying about in the car until 3 or 4 in the morning, she would lie awake waiting for me to come home just to make sure I was home safe.

A mothers love is unconditional.

Then we have Thomasina, my mother in law. Who allowed me to marry her daughter and welcomed me into her family as one of her own! A woman who never hesitates to look after the kids when we are stuck and always has a smile and an open door for us and the troops at her house. Such is the relationship, that she is my 2nd mother, always there to offer advice and help where she can! I am honoured to be her son in law.

Two hugely influential figures in my life right there.

Its great to have mother figures, but its also important to have to really close friends as well. And I don’t care what you say but you need the balance of male and female friends in your life. I am lucky to have 2 very close female friends in my life who have been there since we teenagers! Laura and Claire.

These two wonderful friends recently got married to 2 cracking fellas and I wish them many happy years of marriage. But these are the two who have been through the ups and downs of my life that many other people don’t know about. But they are always there with a listening ear and a willing heart if ever I need them! It’s a bond that will last a long time, even if we don’t live as close as we all used to!

I also need to mention Brenda and Claire, the two women I have met this year who look after Kyrans early years education and do a fantastic job. These women have such patience and kindness, and with this Kyran has been able to grow and learn Irish as a second language even from this early age. So a big thank you must go to them as well.

And finally, you may have thought that I have forgotten about the most important one, but I haven’t. My wonderful wife Clare. The one who said yes to marrying me, the mother of our 3 wonderful children and who is carrying our 4th little baby. The woman who sees through my flaws and still travels life’s journey with me. The one who is always by my side, standing by me and giving me strength and courage when I need it.

The mother of the house, The wife of the house, the woman that does so much and asks for so little in return, even when pregnant. Nothing comes before her children, and I have seen her become such a fantastic woman and mother since we started going it out and it is a privilege to be the one that accompanies her through life. The one I love the most with all my heart. As the saying goes, behind every good man is a stronger woman pushing him on, and that is very relevant.

And to my daughter Sofia, may I, as a man, a son, a brother and a father, be able to guide you in the right ways to make you a strong woman, who will grow up to make your own wise decisions and choices and be proud of your family. May you become like your mum and more to achieve everything you ever want, but behind all that will be your parents forever and always.

So to all the ladies in my life, that I have mentioned or not, have a great International Womens Day, because without you in my life, things wouldn’t be the way they are today. Thank You Ladies.

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