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Greg Mitchell Motors Family Fun Day

Bouncy Castles – Check

Driving Simulator – Check

BBQ – Definitely Check

Face Painting – Check (Even though I think my face is handsome enough haha)

Obstacle Course – Check

Football Darts – Check (I wasn’t wearing the right shoes so I didn’t want to embarrass myself)

Some cool cars – Very much so!

These were some of the things that were to be done at Greg Mitchells Family Fun Day on Saturday past. And what a fantastic setting to have the launch of their much anticipated Suzuki Showroom.

The whole event was so well executed, catered for and enjoyable that I didn’t want to leave. Between me and you, I used my kids as an excuse to go, because I love things like this, I’m not afraid to get stuck in, but this also gave me a chance to look at some of the cars on display as well. And my wife knew this, sure she even warned me when we were going in not to wander off and look at cars or take too many pictures. Yes ok, I said, knowing that’s what I would do!

Anyway, we walked through the lovely open forecourt into the main Suzuki showroom and were immediately greeted by 2 cartoon mascots, and Elijah rushed to give hugs to them, Kyran took a bit shy for a change but he eventually engaged! But this isn’t what caught my eye, nor were the delicious cupcakes and tea and coffee, nor were the racing simulators that were there.

No, it was in fact the blue Audi RS5, sitting there in all its glory. Gleaming, gorgeous and just simply stunning. I was doing what my wife told me not to, but it can’t be helped! I was nervous, because if I had this car, I wouldn’t be letting people near it in a public setting for fear of scraping it or damaging it somehow, so you can believe me when I say I didn’t let my kids touch it, just look at the price in the window! But this didn’t stop me sneaking one or two pictures of it!

That aside, we got the kids face painted, and had some tasty treats, donated some money to the Chest, Heart and Stroke charity that were also in attendance collecting and raffling prizes for a great cause! And because I’m 5 years old really, me and the boys had a balloon model swordfight in the showroom.

The kids were a little small for the inflatable obstacle course but they weren’t too small for a little jump on the bouncy castle outside, again, I’m really 5 years old and as much as I wanted to join in, I’m sure the other parents or staff wouldn’t have liked that haha.

We took a walk around the forecourt and found the BBQ, and this was run by a local butcher, and to my surprise was free, because I have been to things like this before and usually you have to pay for some food but we didn’t have too! We have some really delicious burgers and hot dogs, and we were helped to a very relaxing seating area in the showroom by a very lovely lady, unfortunately I didn’t catch her name, but if you are reading this we thank you!

So all in all, we had a wonderful time at the event, we spoke to a few members of Staff, Jonny, Adrian and a few of the ladies, and they made us feel so welcome and willing to help and assist us, it was very refreshing. It was the first time I had someone come up to me noticing I had my Dad Blog Jacket on, so I was surprised by that!

The showroom is fantastic, very clean and comfortable with plenty of cool little Suzuki’s on offer. The same goes for the forecourt, very well laid out and very clean and inviting, it truly is a refreshing change from some other dealerships out there.

Oh and did I mention that I got a sneaky picture of the very sought after and desireable Jimny? Yes I did!

This isn’t an advert or review, and I wasn’t paid or anything like that, in fact I have nothing to do with Greg Mitchells, but everything just clicked into place so I can’t ignore the fact in recommending them, so if you are looking for a new Suzuki, MG or used car, give them a call or pop up to their new showroom in Victoria Bridge or check out their website by clicking the picture below or at their Facebook page here:

PS, if any of the staff ever need someone to take out that RS5 for a wee run, Id be happy to bring my camera along and do it, heck, I won’t even charge you!

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