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10 things I've learned as a Dad.

There are a few things I have learned as I travel my journey of parenthood.

This will be applicable to both parents!

 1) Sleep escapes you and there is no catching up on it.

2) You will repeat yourself so many times to your children

3) Prepare to be asked "why?" After every question you answer.

4) You're child or children will suddenly become hungry and thirsty when its bed time.

5) You're child or children will also have many questions for you when its bed time.

6) You will "go to the toilet" more frequently, not because there's anything wrong but because you will want those 5 minutes of peace.

7) Babies are easy, its every thing after 9 months old that's the hard part.

8) Wanting to watch a movie? It will become a 4 part mini series.

9) YouTube will become your friend. 

10) You start to subconsciously sing kids songs out loud. These are only a few things that spring to mind! If you have any more than drop them in the comments below 

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