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My Top 5 Best & Worst Kids TV shows

Kids TV can be a nightmare at times. Working out what is good, fun and admittedly, educational and not just rubbish. (Or the fear of that momo thing!) I have already written 2 posts which you can read on the blog! But here are my: Top 5 best programs for kids 1) Blippi 2) Something Special 3) Justin's house 4) Steve and Maggie 5) Little Baby Bum on Netflix and you tube (Paw patrol is currently on for our boys at the moment as well) Top 5 worst programs for kids 1) Peppa Pig, by a country mile. But this is something for a blog post in the near future. 2) Anything that involves unboxing toys, it will only make your kids want those things! 3) Anything that involves those eggs with toys! Again, itll make your kids want them and have very little educational input. 4) Teletubbies, because they dont teach good linguistic skills and mispronunciation. 5) Horrid Henry for similar reasons as peppa pig actually! 

If you have any others then drop me a comment! 

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