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Other Dad Bloggers - Week 1

So here is my new weekly segment, which looks at other dad bloggers, and gives you another view on parenting and lifestyle. These are people whose blogs I really enjoy reading and give you something to laugh at or think about for the day! It really makes me see that everyone goes through most of the same stuff as me which isn’t a bad thing!

First up we have one of my favourites, an Irishman, and genuinely funny, although once the wine kicks in, he can’t seem to put the phone down, Haha, and with that wonderful introduction I present to you Digital Dad!

Father of 3, Husband of 1, master of none...

Digital Dad is from Dublin and works for RTE and writes for their lifestyle column and many other places including his own Facebook and Instagram pages (and more recently Family Friendly HQ)

There are many reasons I like following DD, because there is a wonderful balance and flavour to the approach. It’s not all lengthy blog posts as you would expect from bloggers, but there are relevant blog posts on his page, but social media is a constant stream of humourous titbits from his family life that keep me endlessly entertained during the day ( and night if he has the Vino cracked open)

What’s more appealing about Digital Dad, is it isn’t all just a one way system of like and share pages and comment with no reply, there will be replies and interaction which is nice to see, even with over 16000 followers!

Oh yeah, did I mention that he offers some awesome like and share prizes to amazing places in Ireland? Hes just that sound!

Currently at time of writing, I’m being entertained by the whole pink eye scenario in the right eye, that is quickly moving to the left eye! Who knew pink eye could be so funny!

And you’ll meet “Susan" Susan can piss off.

Look sometimes words just aren’t enough, so take 5 minutes and check out his social media accounts and websites listed below and you wont be disappointed!

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